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Howard Parks's Biography

Howard Parks has been described as possibly the laziest gambling writer in the business, but he works harder than you might think. He’s written multiple self-published books about business and gambling under various nom de plumes. He’s also worked as a math teacher at his local community college.

In his younger days, Howard Parks worked hard at becoming a professional sports bettor. That didn’t work out the way he expected, as he wound up developing a gambling habit that soon started interfering with other aspects of his life. He’s since recovered, and if he gambles today, he sticks with poker.

In fact, that’s his second career as a gambler – he’s a poker player. His favorite topic when writing about poker is position, although he also enjoys sharing some of his real-life antics at the poker table. His favorite game is Omaha 8, which makes him unusual in a country where Texas hold’em is #1 with a bullet.

He understands the math behind gambling better than most, as he used to be a math teacher. In fact, his colleague Timothy Dawson often calls him or emails him to ask for help with the math sections of some of the blog posts he’s written.

Unlike some of the degenerates in the gambling writing industry, Parks is a committed Christian and teaches an adult Sunday school class every weekend. And no, he doesn’t see a conflict between his Christianity and his career in the gambling world.

His favorite sport is, of course, college football. His favorite food is steak, and his best friends all know him by his nickname – Ribeye.

Parks lives with his wife near Omaha, Nebraska. His three daughters are all grown up and moved away now. He’s in the middle of writing a book about business lessons he’s learned from a career betting on sports and poker games.

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Howard Parks's Articles

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