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Andrew Ross's Biography

Built in the trenches of early 2000s online poker, Andrew Ross is a salty veteran poker pro with the skill to back up his sarcastic rhetoric. With over $3 million in online winnings, Ross can click buttons with the best of them and has made a name for himself within the industry. Ross’ real skill, though, lies in his ability to teach and convey complex topics in a way that even your grandma can comprehend.

While poker is Andrew’s forte, he’s heavily engulfed in the world of sports betting, but not in a grimy, degenerate sort of way. Ross is a profitable bettor who preaches the importance of chasing value instead of chasing wins. His sports of choice include mixed martial arts, NFL football, college football, and the redneck riviera, NASCAR.

While all of these are money-makers for Ross, mixed martial arts is where he focuses his betting and training efforts. With 5+ years of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and 3+ years of Muay Thai training, Ross understands the fight game with a lot more expertise than the Tapout-wearing sloths that inhabit your local Hooters on a UFC fight night and scream “Armbar!” while the fighters are standing. While you might see him screaming and throwing a few back with the Hooters crowd on fight night, he’s all business pre-fight when it comes to making his picks and giving MMA betting advice.

Even with his snarky sense of humor and dad-level puns, Andrew Ross is a fantastic member of the team and someone you should be excited to get the chance to learn from.

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Andrew Ross's Articles

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