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7 Unusual Ways to Get Better at Gambling

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There are a few things that most gamblers know factor into their rate of success. Bankroll management, skill, and a player’s strategic approach are the primary ones, just to name a few.

If a gambler is responsible with money, skilled at a particular game, and uses a solid strategy, there’s a good chance they’ll perform well. But there are so many other variables that factor into gambling that are rarely discussed.

While the easiest way to improve involves the three things listed above, gamblers should consider these lesser known factors and their implications. Here are seven unconventional elements of gambling that can improve your performance. 

1 ‒ Starting With a Good Attitude

Without a winning attitude and positive mindset, gamblers can struggle to perform well at casinos.

Admittedly, it can be challenging to consistently maintain that positive mindset. Sometimes, it can even be impossible, especially if you’re losing at an alarming rate.

In those cases, you might not be able to work your way through negative thoughts and a pessimistic attitude. The occasional minor emotional breakdown is to be expected when gambling.

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But starting with a bad attitude should never be even the most remote possibility. If you approach gambling with negative energy, you’ll find that winning is much more complicated.

The truth is that your attitude really shouldn’t make all that much of a difference. Cards don’t care about your mindset, and a positive approach isn’t going to magically lead to winning hands.

But handling losses and making appropriate decisions is much easier if you’re not pessimistic and down on yourself. Gamblers who bemoan their bad luck and blame losses on elements out of their control rarely achieve any form of success.

If you feel like you’re incapable of shaking a foul mood, you should stay home instead of wasting your money.

2 ‒ Gambling Somewhere You Can Feel Comfortable

Comfort is something every gambler should prioritize.

You might not think about it all that often, and comfort is one of the most overlooked factors that play a major role in a gambling experience. If you’re in a casino or environment where you can relax and focus on playing and winning, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Being uncomfortable will lead to interruptions and make it easier to feel distracted by everything around you. For example, if you’re gambling at a table that is too expensive, you’ll focus on the price instead of the game.

Or if you’re playing a game that doesn’t match your capabilities, you’ll feel out of your element.

That sense of unease will make it impossible to win consistently. If you’re hoping to improve as a gambler, one of the first things to check off your list is comfort.

3 ‒ Prioritizing Entertainment Over Profit

In all of my years of gambling, I’ve discovered that the more fun I have, the less I focus on profit. It turns out that a byproduct of that is successful gambling.

You see, if you’re a sharp gambler, those skills will reveal themselves regardless of how much or how little fun you’re having. You can always defer to your experience.

But even if you’re not at a point to classify yourself as a sharp bettor, you should still prioritize entertainment over profit.


Let me make something abundantly clear before we proceed. There’s a major difference between responsible fun and irresponsible fun, especially when you’re gambling.

Neither I nor any other authority on the matter should ever advocate for irresponsible betting habits. Having said that, it’s still possible to have fun while exhibiting disciplined gambling habits.

When you gamble, you should strive to make money, have fun, or both. If you’re not enjoying yourself and you’re losing money, then there’s no reason to gamble.

If you take this advice, you’ll likely notice improvements to your game.

4 ‒ Breaking Away From the Group

Gambling is often viewed as a social experience, and many gamblers tend to visit casinos in groups of people they enjoy being around. Whether that comes in the form of a family vacation or a small weekend getaway, gambling is often better with people you like.

But like anything else in life, you might need some alone time. It might come as a surprise, but alone time in a casino can be a wonderful, relaxing, and even a profitable experience.

On several of my first trips to the casino, I felt awkward gambling with the group I came with. They played games I didn’t necessarily enjoy and spent way more money than I was comfortable spending.

Blackjack Table

Finally, after several forgettable trips, I decided to venture off on my own and try my hand at blackjack.

After that decision, I never looked back. Breaking away from your group can seem anti-social, but you might find that you gamble better on your own. Also, you don’t need to feel compelled to play the same games as everyone else.

As I said, you play better when you’re enjoying yourself. Don’t waste a casino trip playing games you don’t like with money you can’t afford to lose.

5 ‒ Exploring Every Part of the Casino

The first thing I like to do when I arrive at a new casino is walk the entire floor.

Even if I think I’ve found a table I can call home for a few hours, I like to explore all of my options. By doing this, gamblers can accomplish a few things.

  • You’ll discover parts of casinos you wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • You might find other games or more comfortable table minimums.
  • You will feel more comfortable and settled in.
  • You won’t feel compelled to immediately start gambling.

When gambling in a casino, you should never settle for mediocrity. You should demand the best out of your experience.

One of the easiest ways to discover the best situation for yourself is by exploring every part of a casino.

6 ‒ Partaking in Non-Gambling Related Activities

In large gambling cities, such as Las Vegas or Renom there are so many more things to do than just gamble. As someone who loves gambling as much as I do, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve refused to step away from the casino tables.

Every time I look back on those experiences, I kick myself. Gambling for hours at a time might seem like the best use of your time in the moment. But the truth is that the longer you camp out at a table, the worse you’ll perform.

If you’re in a city like Las Vegas, don’t make the same mistakes. Go see a show, visit a tourist attraction, and enjoy other aspects of the city.

You might be there to gamble primarily, but you’re depriving yourself of a complete experience and likely costing yourself money at the casino tables.

7 ‒ Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Gamblers often demand far too much of themselves.

This is because gamblers can be competitive, and they operate under the idea that they’re supposed to win money. As you should know by now, that expectation is quite off base.

If you have unrealistic expectations of yourself, you’ll never be satisfied with your performance. Instead of setting unattainable goals, lower those expectations.

Don’t think you’ll strike it rich at a casino and that you won’t come away disappointed.

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I often see newer, passionate gamblers dissatisfied with meager returns, which is unfortunate. Any amount of profit should be celebrated.

You’re not supposed to win money from the house in the first place. If you do lose, try to keep your losses small. If you are indeed lucky enough to win, pat yourself on the back and celebrate those victories.

It truly doesn’t matter how small they might be.


When you think about becoming a better gambler, your mind likely goes to a few specific places.

But other factors are just as important as bankroll management, skill, and strategy.

Make sure you’re comfortable and that you’re gambling with a positive outlook. Don’t set ridiculously high expectations, and always try to prioritize entertainment over profit.

If you do so and gamble responsibly, you’ll find that it’s much easier to improve your abilities.