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6 Ways to Think Like a Winning Blackjack Gambler

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Smart blackjack players know how to think about the game in a way that lets them win. If some blackjack players are able to win, it means that you can learn how to win too. You just have to learn how they think and start thinking the same way.

You’re getting ready to learn 6 ways that winning blackjack players think about the game. By aligning the way you think about blackjack with these 6 ways, you’re going to immediately start winning more when you play.

Simply follow the 6 steps in this article if you want to be a profitable blackjack gambler.

1 – Think about the Rules

Rules are important in every casino game because they set the amount of money you can win or lose. When rules change, the amount the casino makes changes. When rules change in your favor you win more or lose less, and hen the rules change in the favor of the casino, you lose more.

Blackjack Table

No game is more dependent on the rules than blackjack. Each rule changes how much the casino wins, and some of the rules change this amount a great deal.


The important thing to understand about blackjack and the rules is that if you know which rules help you win and play where the best rules are offered, you can make a profit.

You need to spend some time learning more about blackjack rules and how they influence your profits. But I can give you a quick pointer to help you get started.

The first rule that you have to know about is how much you get for a blackjack. You can’t play at tables that pay 6/5. If the table doesn’t pay 3/2, you can’t play.

2 – How Much to Bet

How much to bet when you play blackjack is based on how much you can expect to win. Most blackjack gamblers need to bet the lowest amount that they can because they’re never going to do the things they need to do to win.

When you’re not playing blackjack with an edge, you should always bet the lowest amount possible. And when you’re playing blackjack with an edge, you should bet the largest amount that you can afford and can get away with.

But you also need to bet more when you’re in certain situations, even when you’re not playing with an edge. This is why you double down in some situations and split pairs in other situations. Both of these things, doubling down and splitting, get more money in play.


The key is only getting more money in play when the situation is advantageous to you. This is why you double down with 10 or 11 against a dealer 4, but you don’t double down with a 10 against a dealer 10. In the first situation you’re a heavy favorite to win the hand, so you want more money in play.

In the second situation you’re not a favorite to win the hand, so you don’t want to get more money in play.

3 – The Side Bet Trap

As a general rule, if you’re gambling in a casino and see a side bet, it’s a bad idea to play it. While there might be a rare side bet that isn’t worse than the game it’s attached to, these are rare.

Blackjack games have side bets, and 1 of the worst is built right into the base game. You probably don’t even realize that this bet is a side bet. The bet I’m talking about is the insurance bet.


Insurance is a simple bet that’s simply wagering whether the dealer has a face down card worth 10 points or not. Of course, this isn’t how the bet is presented to you, but this is all you’re betting on.

Insurance pays 2 to 1, but the odds of the dealer having a card worth 10 in the hole is only 2.25 to 1. This means that you lose money on average every time you take insurance. The casinos try to make you think that you can break even when the dealer has blackjack, but the odds show that this is misleading and costly.

If the blackjack game you’re playing offers any other side bets you can safely ignore them too. Insurance, and all other blackjack side bets, cost you money.

4 – Knowing How to Play Every Blackjack Hand

Smart blackjack gamblers know that there are certain ways they need to play their hands and that there are certain ways that they shouldn’t play their hands. Every blackjack hand has 1 way that it should be played.


Your hand and the value of the dealer’s card have been analyzed by computers and long term value based on every possible outcome. The play that shows the highest long term value is the only play you should ever make.

The good news is that you don’t have to do the math or figure all of the best plays out. You can use something called basic blackjack strategy. You can get card and charts that have the best plays on them, and you can practice using these when you play, and eventually memorize every play.

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You don’t have to memorize the best plays before you play for real money. Casinos don’t mind if you use a chart or card while you play, as long as it doesn’t take much time. And the way these charts are laid out, it only takes a couple seconds to find the right play.

If you do want to memorize the plays before you play for real money, play free online blackjack games using your chart. It won’t take long before you know the right play for every situation.

5 – How Smart Blackjack Gamblers Win

I mentioned earlier that smart blackjack players know how to win when they play. And all they have to use is their mind to do it. You might have heard about how they do it without realizing what it meant.

Smart blackjack gamblers use a method called counting, or card counting, to help them win. The basic way this works is that you bet more when you have an advantage and bet less when you don’t have an advantage.


You have an advantage when the remaining shoe or deck has a higher concentration of high cards than low cards. And you can track this by tracking high and low cards as they’re dealt.

I know this sounds complicated, but in action it’s actually fairly simple. I recommend reading a book or some articles about the popular counting systems before you decide that it’s too hard for you to do. The fact is that almost everyone can learn how to count cards if they’re willing to put I a little practice time.

6 – Blackjack Bonuses or Blackjack Comps Thoughts

Most blackjack players have to choose whether they get bonuses or comps. And some blackjack players don’t get either, which is usually a mistake.


Traditionally, only blackjack players who play in live casino environments get comps and only players in online and mobile casinos get bonuses. A few online casino offer bonuses and some sort of comps, but for the most part you get 1 or the other.


You should always get comps when you can, but bonuses are a different discussion. The fact is that not every blackjack bonus is good. In fact, most blackjack bonuses are better off ignored.

You need to always read everything there is about a bonus or comps program before you accept or join. If you don’t know exactly how these things work you’re setting yourself up for a bad situation.

Most real money blackjack bonuses force you to play longer to clear the bonus than the bonus is worth. What I mean by this is that by the time you clear the blackjack bonus you end up losing more than you get in bonus money. When this is the case you’re better off without the bonus.


Profitable blackjack play requires smart choices. And to start making smart choices you need to know how winning blackjack players think.

The first thing to think about is the rules. The rules where you play blackjack are the first thing that set the potential profit or loss. When you play blackjack with preferable rules you can increase your profits by playing your hands the right way.

Side bets are almost always a trap in casinos, and blackjack is no different. This starts with a disguised side bet that you should never fall for. Finally, you can use your mind to win by counting, just like profitable blackjack players.