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4 Reasons Why You Should Bet on the Super Bowl

Los Angeles Rams vs New England Patiors - Super Bowl Trophy - Fry Shut up and Take my Money

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League. It is played between the champion of the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC) and is the culminating event of the NFL season.

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched American TV broadcasts of the year. Because of its very high viewership, the commercial airtime during the broadcast is the most expensive of the year. When it comes to sports betting, it is also the most lucrative game of the year with billions of dollars exchanging hands in a single football game. Want to wager already? We’ll give you four more reasons why you should bet on the Super Bowl:

1 – It’s the Last Game of the Season

The NFL is composed of 30 football teams who play 16 regular-season games over 17 weeks with each team having a bye week. It consists of 256 games with every game having betting coverage. Every week there are three playdates: Sunday, Monday and Thursday. This means that during a week, an NFL bettor can make wagers on three different dates. That’s more than enough venue to make money and maximize profits.

The NFL season starts on the weekend following the first Monday of September or the weekend after the Labor Day holiday and the regular season runs until December or early January. That means that NFL regular season betting will take place for four straight months with the playoffs going on for another four weeks:

  • Wild Card Week
  • Divisional Round
  • Conference Championships
  • The Super Bowl week

The Super Bowl is the championship game of the NFL season and as such, it is the last game of the NFL year. The Super Bowl takes place in January/February and the next season will start in September. That’s just a six-month gap between the end and start of the season but when you talk about sports betting, six months is too long not to be able to make NFL bets. Sure, Canadian Football happens in between but, the NFL is different. It is America’s favorite past time.

2 – It Makes the Game More Exciting

As the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals and the World Series, the Super Bowl is as exciting as any professional sporting game gets. It features the two surviving teams in the playoffs- the AFC Conference champions vs the NFC Conference champions. Although they might not necessarily be the two best regular-season teams, they are without a doubt the best teams in the NFL in a given season.

There is nothing better for a sports fan than to watch his favorite team play in the final game of the season where the ultimate prize is at stake. Some people like to watch the games alone. Some enjoy doing so with the company of family, friends, or even strangers in some sports bar or venue. But while watching the game with the company does make the Super Bowl exciting, putting some money where your mouth or heart makes it even more exciting.

Group of Friends Watching a Football Game - Money Falling

Every sports fan has a favorite player or a favorite team. As I said above, there is nothing better than for a fan to watch his favorite team play in the Super Bowl. But when you put a little something on the line for the team, that’s going to be the ultimate game for a fan. If your team wins, you win cash as well. Isn’t that a double victory? A lot of bettors have made money on that. Why not you?

3 – Variety of Bets Offered

When we talk about NFL betting, we often talk about making the Big Three bets: Moneyline, Spread and Total. Aside from them, we also talk about the outright bets: outright Super Bowl Winner, outright Conference winners, outright Division winners, outright MVP winners, and the likes.

But since the Super Bowl is the mother of all NFL games, you will see every kind of bet that can be made in any game, football or not. These will be the prop bets.

  • First, are the skilled prop bets on players and teams. Examples of these bets are “Will Tom Brady have more than 2.5 touchdowns?” or “Will Patrick Mahomes throws for at least 250.5 passing yards?” and so on. These are called skilled prop bets because you need to have some knowledge on the game, teams, and players to make a good call.
  • The other prop bets are called gambling bets because, well, you just gamble and need zero skill to make predictions. These bets are usually for the Halftime Show, which is just as anticipated as the game itself. There will be the usual prop bets like “Will the coin flip be heads or tails?” or too outrageous ones like “Will Jennifer Lopez have a wardrobe malfunction?” or “Will Shakira show her cleavage?” You will be surprised how much money can be made out of a coin flip. But you will be shocked at your ability to make a profit to see Shakira’s cleavage.

4 – Super Bowl Bonuses

The bookmakers see the Super Bowl as an opportunity to get new customers. They attract prospective bettors by offering freebies and bonuses when you register and/or make a bet. Because every other top NFL betting sites gives bonuses, the amount of these freebies gets bigger and bigger each year because of the fierce competition between bookmakers. So if you want free money, go bet on the Super Bowl.

The most common bonus you’ll get is the deposit bonus. When you sign-up for a betting site, you are required to make an initial deposit. The Super Bowl betting site will then match your deposit up to a certain amount.

For Example:

If the sportsbook says that it is going to match your deposit up to $400, your account will be credited with up to an extra $400. If you deposit $400, you will get another $400 free. If you deposit $100, the sportsbook will match that with another $100. That’s double your deposit up to $400.

Another type of bonus is “reduced juice”. Under this promo, the bookmaker is going to lower the house vig on particular bets. For example, if the spread line is Patriots -3 (-110), Rams +3 (-110), the reduced juice will see the odds priced at Patriots -3 (-105), Rams +3 (-105). This means that while you will still win the same amount ($100), you will only need to bet $105 instead of $110. In other words, you risk less money under a reduced juice and you will also be able to place more bets with the savings you get from this perk.