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15 of the Craziest Props for Super Bowl 55

Craziest Props for Super Bowl 55
Since the dawn of time, people have been betting on anything and everything. Does this sound like an exaggeration? It isn’t. 

And now, here comes the Super Bowl, the game famous for prop bets that can seem whimsical (betting on the coin toss), silly (betting on the color of the Gatorade that will be served to the players), and downright ludicrous (the length of a celebrity’s skirt as she sings the National Anthem).

And yet, it is precisely the craziest Super Bowl prop bets that make game day so enjoyable. 

I mean, of course, we are there to watch the game. But becoming glued to all of the action, from the coin toss to who scores first to MVP, is what props can do for us.

Here are the most entertaining (dare I say crazy?) prop bets available at Super Bowl betting sites right now. Keep in mind that new ones will continue to be added until game day. 

First Product Anheuser-Busch Will Advertise

Anheuser-Busch, the Budweiser maker, will likely be responsible for more than 50% of Sunday’s national liquid consumption.

There are odds on which of this brewer’s products will star in the first of their Super Bowl commercials. 

Options include Bud Light, Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade, Michelob Ultra, and Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer. 

The statisticians at BetOnline surmise that it is going to be Bud Light. The drink they think is the least likely to be first advertised is Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer, which is why they are offering double money on this wager. 

Type of Mask Chiefs’ Coach Andy Reid Will Wear

Andy Reid is the jocular, accomplished coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. As such, he is often to be seen in red Chiefs-themed gear.

The question concerning this prop bet is whether Coach Reid’s mask on Super Bowl Sunday will be:

  • A mask with the Chiefs’ logo
  • A single color with no team logo
  • Hawaiian-themed

The mathematicians that work at the sportsbook running this prop bet believe the mask will sport a Chief’s logo. 

Futher Info:

In a related bet, one online sportsbook is taking bets on which team’s coach will be the first to show his nostrils! (And we make fun of the Victorians for finding ankles so fascinating.)

Color of the Weeknd’s Jacket

Canadian singer and YouTube sensation The Weeknd will be headlining the Super Bowl halftime show. 

Known for his sassy personal style, there is a bit of buzz on the betting circuit as to what color this artist will first appear in when he takes the stage on Sunday.

Choices include purple, red, white, blue, and black. The color most favored is black, with +110 odds. If you bet $100 on black, and this is, indeed, the color he appears in, then you’ll win $110 for a total of $210 deposited in your account (winnings plus your initial bet).

The color deemed least likely to be worn by The Weeknd when he appears is purple, at +500 odds. You can win 5 to 1 if you guess purple, and you are correct. 

Number of Commercials With a Dog in Them

The Super Bowl is the one event in which people don’t use the commercial break to grab more drinks, wings, and nachos. 

In fact, the commercials are the primary reason some viewers tune in to the game.


Thus, it makes sense that there would be a great many prop bets based on these high-dollar advertisements.

There is currently a prop bet on whether a dog will feature in either more or less than 2 ½ commercials. The odds heavily favor a dog being in more than 2 ½ commercials. This means that if you bet on there being dogs in fewer than 2 ½ commercials, and you are correct, you can win some big money.  

First Interracial Couple’s Ethnicity

There is very likely to be an interracial couple in at least one ad since this is now a common advertising theme that speaks to the changing demographics in the US and around the globe.

If you believe that the first interracial couple shown will be a white woman and a black man, then you agree with the statisticians, who have put the odds of this at -150 (bet $150 to win $100 for a total deposit in your account of $250). 

If you bet that the first mixed couple will be a black woman and a white man, and you are correct, you stand to gain $110 for every $100 wagered.


Odds can and do change. These odds may differ before the game and could even differ before today is out.


Tampa Bay to Win by 43 Points or More

Okay, not only are the Chiefs favored to win, but the spread is a mere 3 ½ points (at my favorite sportsbook—odds differ from site to site). 

Thus, the idea that the Buccaneers may not only win but can conceivably do so by more than six touchdowns is a bit hard to believe. 

Perhaps this is why the odds are +9000 on this! This reads as: bet $100, and if it happens, you’ll have $9100 returned to your account. This is your winnings plus your initial bet given back to you. 

Number of Commercials That Will Show Masked Actors

A few days ago, I watched a movie that came out in 2020. It took place in New York, and there was not one masked person to be seen. 

Of course, the movie was made in 2019 or earlier, since it takes about a year to get a movie released. But these Super Bowl commercials have been made much more recently. 

So, Super Bowl enthusiasts are wondering, which version of “real life” will be emphasized during the game’s advertising segments?

The odds are on more than 2 ½ commercials featuring masked people, and the underdog option (which will net you bigger winnings if you bet on this and are right) is that fewer than 2 ½ commercials will feature masked actors. 


The reason numbers like “2 ½” are frequently used in the betting world is so that there can be no confusion about what you are betting on. For instance, if the betting options were “more than two” or “less than two,” and if there were precisely two commercials featuring masked participants, bets would be a push.

This method keeps things clean since two commercials are clearly and inarguably less than 2 ½, and three commercials are clearly greater. 

Which Team Biden Will Mention First in a CBS Interview

It is likely, but not guaranteed that President Biden will be interviewed by CBS on Super Bowl Sunday. So naturally, there are prop bets around this.

You can bet on the POTUS mentioning the Chiefs first, or you can bet on Biden mentioning the Buccaneers before he mentions Kansas City.

Right now, the odds on both of those options offer equal return on investment.

Color of Liquid Poured on Winning Coach

Will it be ice water? Will it be the fairly common orange Gatorade? Here are your options: 

  • Orange
  • Red/pink
  • Yellow/green/lime
  • Clear
  • Blue
  • Purple

Odds are on orange, with the least likely color deemed to be purple. The odds on the color being purple are +750 right now, which equates to 7.5 to 1!

How Many Times Joe Biden Will Tweet During the Game

Because Biden is not known as a prolific tweeter, the numbers tend toward the reasonable. Here, you can make one of two bets: under ½ time (i.e., Biden will not tweet at all during the game), and over ½ time, which means that he’ll tweet at least once. 

Biden has been in office for about two weeks now and has released a very modest number of tweets. 

The question is, will he bother to interrupt his Super Bowl viewing with a message to his followers?

Only time will tell!

How Often the Word “Trump” Will Be Mentioned

If you think the answer to this is “zero,” then you are in the majority. Odds at my sportsbook are in favor of Trump never being mentioned. 

If you agree, and you bet on this, you won’t win much because this is the go-to answer for statisticians and bettors.

However, if Trump is mentioned, and you have bet on that, you stand to win at 5 to 1!

Color of Patrick Mahomes’ Headband

Red, black, gray, and white are your options here. I’ve seen him mostly in red. What do you think? The color most likely to be worn—according to the calculated odds—is red. The color least likely to be worn is white.

Something to think about: Mahomes often wears a red headband because that is the Chief’s primary uniform color. However, red is also one of the main colors of the Bucs. 

Will Mahomes switch up his headband color to avoid any link to the enemy? 

It is interesting to note that, although the Bucs are the home team at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, where the Super Bowl will be played, the Bucs have chosen to wear their white “away” uniforms, rather than their pewter or red uniforms. 

It was a surprise move, but I suspect that Tom Brady and Co. have something up their sleeves by making this decision. 

Sarah Thomas’ Hairstyle

Ms. Thomas officiates for the NFL, wearing referee uniform number 53. This Sunday will be the first time any woman has refereed a Super Bowl.

Thomas is well aware that she is going to be at the center of a great deal of attention this coming Sunday. 

This Super Bowl is already notable in that the Bucs will be the first team to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium. Add to that the fact that the stadium will be sparsely populated, operating at only 1/3 seating capacity.

Now, add to that the presence of the first female Super Bowl officiator, and there will be much to discuss on Sunday and into the foreseeable future. 

So, naturally, there is a bet on her hairdo. The odds are on a ponytail (-300 money), with “up in a hat” the less likely but more lucrative option (+200). 

As someone who knows that ponytails are easy and keeping hair stuffed up in a hat is tough and distracting, I’m betting on the ponytail.

COVID or Pandemic Mentioned First

Here is a prop bet that you may never see again in conjunction with a Super Bowl (I hope). 

Bettors have to decide which word they think will be mentioned first. If you bet that COVID will be first to be mentioned, then your odds are at -500 because the statisticians agree with you. 

But if you bet on “pandemic” to be said before the word COVID is uttered, and you are correct, then the current odds of +300 can fill your wallet. 

Color of Miley Cyrus’ Hair

Miley will be performing at an NFL-sponsored tailgate event for health care workers (all of whom have been vaccinated). Although this is a generous acknowledgment of medical heroism, the conversation is currently focused on her hair color. 

Will she be a sassy blonde? A ravishing redhead? A bold brunette? Or pointedly purple? The odds tell us that blonde is most likely, with purple the least likely choice. 

Because purple is the least likely option, sportsbooks will give you the most money if you get that correct, at 9 to 1. 

Whether Sarah Thomas Will Be Flattened by a Player  

Goodness, we certainly hope that the Super Bowl’s female ref is not knocked to the ground by a player. Fortunately, sportsbooks believe she will not be. 

But if you believe she will be, and it does happen, you will take home some fat winnings. 


Consider this: I have seen refs hit by players and by the ball, but I have never seen one go all the way to the ground.


In Closing

Sunday is going to be an amazing day. We’ve all been cooped up and need a release. The game will feature Tom Brady as a Buccaneer, potentially with Antonio Brown at his side. 

Patrick Mahomes will have Brady to deal with, which changes the equation a bit since he may have been able to write off the Bucs without Brady, but certainly dare not do so now!

And the lady ref, and the home-field advantage, and a new president, and Miley Cyrus’ hair…really, the day has much to offer! 

I suspect this may be the most unforgettable Super Bowl in history, for better or worse.