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If you’re searching for trustworthy European Bitcoin gambling sites, you’re in luck. Our expert team has searched high and low across the web and has come up with a list of sites you can rely on.

Bitcoin and gambling are both legal all across Europe, so it’s only natural that the two would meet in the form of European Bitcoin gambling sites. In fact, the EU has already moved to put cryptocurrency regulations in place, essentially recognizing their legitimacy, so we predict that Bitcoin gambling sites will only continue to increase in popularity across Europe.

The above are the European Bitcoin gambling sites which we feel are the best of the best. They’re not the only sites which fit that definition, nor are they the only ones which can be trusted, but they’re the ones we liked best from the dozens we visited and checked out.

So, how did we come to this conclusion? Why did we choose these European Bitcoin gambling sites over all of the others? We’re glad you asked, and we’re happy to explain!

Why These Bitcoin Gambling Sites?

A gambling site is a gambling site, whether Bitcoin-friendly or not. The basic criteria for assessing the sites remains the same. It all comes down to a few key points we won’t compromise on.

Is It Trustworthy?

We ask ourselves the following questions to determine if a European Bitcoin gambling site can be trusted:

  • Does it have a valid gambling license from a respected authority?
  • Are the games tested independently and verified fair?
  • Is the connection it runs on encrypted and secure?
  • Does the site have any history of hacks or breaches in this regard?
  • Which operator runs the site and what’s their history? Can they be trusted?

We drill down beneath the surface and really take a close look at the answers to these questions. If we get positive answers, we go ahead with the review. If not, we strike the European Bitcoin gambling sites in question off our list.

After all, if there’s no trust, there’s no point!

Is the Banking Fast and Fair?

You’ve probably already heard about how much faster Bitcoin is than traditional bank and card transfers. However, a lot of the banking policy comes down to the gambling site. We ask:

  • Are the Bitcoin jackpots and payouts cleared quickly after they are requested?
  • Does the gambling site charge any deposit or withdrawal fees? If so, are they reasonable?
  • Does the gambling site make depositing and withdrawing Bitcoin easy and safe?
  • Does the gambling site guarantee the Bitcoin rate you withdraw at will be the same you won at, in the case of a delay?
  • Are any other payment methods or cryptocurrencies accepted at the gambling site in question?

What Services Does It Offer?

No two online gambling sites are the same. Some offer casino games, sports betting, poker tournaments, and bingo, whereas some offer a mixture of these. Others offer just one service. It depends on the site. We find out:

  • Does the site offer sports betting? If so, on what sports? Are live betting and early cash-outs offered?
  • Are casino games offered? If so, are they powered by trusted, reputable software companies? What size is the selection?
  • Are poker tournaments offered? If so, are there any bonus chips or freeroll Bitcoin poker tournaments? Which poker games are offered?
  • Is bingo offered? If so, how often do games start, and what size are the buy-ins?
  • Is there a mobile app or perhaps multiple mobile apps? If so, how does it/they compare to the desktop site?

Why Are Gamblers Switching to Bitcoin?

It seems that everywhere you look these days, Bitcoin is shaking things up or is in the news somehow. The online gambling industry was one of the first to accept Bitcoin, as it is with almost all new technologies. But why are so many players interested in using Bitcoin to gamble online?

Bitcoin has a few advantages and some downsides, too. Let’s look at both so we can consider things in a balanced way. We’ll start with the pros and look at the cons in the next section.

Anyone Can Use Bitcoin

Did you know that Bitcoin was designed to bank the unbanked? That means that the person (or persons) who created it envisaged a world where anyone could send Bitcoin anywhere, anytime, and to anyone, without permission from an institution like a bank.

That’s why they say Bitcoin is permission-less. To use it, you only need to download an app (wallet), and anyone can send you Bitcoin to that address, which you can then use to do whatever you want.

To buy Bitcoin initially, you will need to create an exchange address and trade it for your hard currency. Once that’s done, though, Bitcoin is free to use for any purpose. Lots of gamblers living in countries with restrictions on online gambling find that attractive.

It’s important to stay on the right side of the law, so we’re not suggesting you should use Bitcoin to gamble if it’s illegal to do so in your country. What we’re saying is that where pesky regulations exist which make it difficult, Bitcoin can be a way around those, and that’s one reason why so many gamblers are switching to European Bitcoin gambling sites.

Bitcoin Fees Are Low

Anyone who has been using Bitcoin for a while will remember a period of time when the fees got crazy. They got so big that it was basically useless as a currency. Thankfully, that’s been taken care of, and it’s possible to move thousands of Euros of Bitcoin around for a few pennies these days.

That’s a huge plus side when you consider the ridiculous fees many banks slap onto gambling transactions. We’ve seen people withdraw and lose as much as 5% thanks to their card issuer or bank treating gambling transactions as cash advances.

European Bitcoin gambling sites can sometimes charge withdrawal fees, but we bump the ones that don’t charge fees up our ranking table, so keep that in mind. If fees are charged on deposits or withdrawals, we’ll let you know in the reviews in the table above.

However, as long as you play at a site with no extra fees, you can say adios to those pesky card and bank fees. Bitcoin miner fees are minuscule nowadays, and they will continue to drop as the technology progresses.

Bitcoin Maximizes Privacy and Anonymity

If you’re concerned about the state of privacy in the modern world, you’re not alone. It seems that every other week another news story breaks that illustrates just how close we’re edging to something like George Orwell’s 1984.

But what you don’t hear in the media as often is that there are lots of people working to correct course where privacy is concerned. Bitcoin is one of the tools you can use to create greater privacy and anonymity surrounding your financial life.

While it’s a myth that Bitcoin is totally anonymous, it most definitely can help keep your spending habits confidential. This is because Bitcoin wallets aren’t linked to your name and address, nor are they linked to your bank statements or credit/debit cards.

The first time you buy Bitcoin, it will appear on your bank statement. However, once you have your money on the Bitcoin blockchain, you can move it around wherever you like, and nobody will know any better.

Since banks are notoriously skeptical about and suspicious of gamblers, this is definitely a positive when it comes time to apply for a loan or a mortgage. It also stops nosey marketing companies from obtaining your financial data and spamming you with gambling-related offers.

For the privacy-minded, European Bitcoin gambling sites are a no-brainer!

Bitcoin Bonuses Are Huge

When you start visiting European Bitcoin gambling sites directly, you’ll notice that the bonuses they offer are often much bigger than what everyday gambling sites offer. For example, some sites offer deposit matches up to 1BTC, which is an astonishing amount of money.

Why do they do this? These gambling sites know that Bitcoin is the future and that anything they win from you today will likely be worth a lot more in a few years’ time. So, they’re willing to take extra risks to try and win your Bitcoin today for a greater payoff tomorrow.

If you’re a gambling site bonus hunter, you will no doubt be drawn to what European Bitcoin gambling sites offer. Just be sure not to get in over your head!

Holding Bitcoin Is Gambling

There are many Bitcoin purists who would probably like to yell at me for making such a statement, but it remains true nonetheless. Since Bitcoin prices move up and down like no other currency on earth, you could say just using Bitcoin is a form of gambling.

This can be a bad thing, of course. It would be bad luck to win a Bitcoin jackpot and find it flash-crashes 5% before you have a chance to spend it or cash it out. That does happen from time to time, but it’s worth remembering that it can also work the other way around. Bitcoin prices also jump up dramatically.

If you win a decent amount of Bitcoin and you’re willing to take some extra risk, you could just sit on your Bitcoin and wait for the inevitable price increase. If you look at the long-term price chart, Bitcoin is on a steady climb upwards from its inception in 2009.

Who knows? If the wildest Bitcoin price predictions come true, a five-Bitcoin jackpot won today could be worth 100 times as much just a few years from now.

Bitcoin Is Fort-Knox Secure

Any honest bank manager will tell you that there are advanced hackers roaming the web who can penetrate even the best security systems, and there’s next to nothing they can do about it.

Yet, there have been very few security incidents concerning Bitcoin since its inception. There have been a few pranks, but nobody has ever seriously compromised the blockchain and made off with everybody’s money. A few exchanges have been hacked and stolen from, but that’s a completely different thing.

If you keep your Bitcoins in a secure wallet and you never reveal your secret wallet keys, they’re almost impossible to steal. Nothing is 100% secure, but Bitcoin wallets are as close as you can get.

Your money is a heck of a lot safer in Bitcoin than it is in a bank account. Just look at the statistics on credit card fraud to see how dire the situation is. Bitcoin is a lot safer, even if there are some minor incidents here and there.

Why Some Gamblers Don’t Use Bitcoin

The main ethos of is “truth before all else.” That’s how we got to be the best gambling review site online. Always telling you the full story about anything we cover is our steadfast promise to you.

So, in order to cover European Bitcoin gambling sites fairly, we have to tell you about some of the reasons some players refuse to use Bitcoin to gamble online. Think about these before you dive in and ask yourself if you’re willing to live with these potential downsides in order to reap the benefits Bitcoin gambling offers.

Bitcoin Requires a Learning Curve

There’s no doubt about it – Bitcoin wallet addresses are ugly compared to nice, simple bank account numbers. They’re a series of letters and numbers, and Bitcoin newcomers often look at them like they’re the cryptographic secret to the universe on the screen.

Yet, those who spend the time to learn about Bitcoin, how it works, what the new terms and vocabulary mean, and how to send and receive Bitcoin often never go back. It’s easy, fast, and simple once you know how, but there’s no doubt that there’s an initial learning curve involved.

Of course, you could see this as a challenge and a chance to grow and learn something new, rather than a reason to back down and be discouraged. It all depends on you.

There’s No Bitcoin Helpline

While individual European Bitcoin gambling sites will often have telephone helplines and support services, Bitcoin itself does not. In fact, since nobody even owns Bitcoin or the network it runs on, it’s absurd to think of a helpline – who would you call to get to the heart of a decentralized network?

This means that you have to be careful when sending Bitcoin. If you send them to the wrong address, you’re largely on your own. You can’t just pick up the phone and ask a friendly credit card customer service rep to help you. You’ll have to make your own efforts to find out where those Bitcoins went, and you’ll have to hope whoever you sent them to is honest enough to send them back.

The best way to neutralize this downside is to be careful in the first place. If you directly copy/paste Bitcoin wallet addresses and you keep your wallet keys private, you can avoid these problems.

Holding Bitcoin Is Gambling

Wait, did you just experience deja vu? No, you didn’t – we did say that it’s a positive that holding Bitcoin is gambling, but it’s also a negative in some people’s eyes, so we thought we would include it again and explain the potential downside.

In case you aren’t aware, Bitcoin does sometimes crash, and in a violent way which many newcomers aren’t prepared for. These flash-crashes can wipe out 10% or more in a couple of days, and Bitcoin has been known to lose almost 90% of its value in a single year before.

You’ve got to be aware of these risks before betting at European Bitcoin gambling sites. With the potential for Bitcoin to skyrocket and make you rich comes the potential to crash. It’s just the nature of the beast, and you can’t have the rewards without the risks!

European Bitcoin Gambling Sites – Conclusion

So, by now you’re fully aware of the positives and negatives of using Bitcoin to gamble online. You’re also aware of what we think is most important when picking European Bitcoin gambling sites to recommend.

All that’s left to do is read some of the expert-written reviews and decide which site is for you. Take your time about this, read a few reviews to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each site, and visit the ones you’re interested in.

You can even register at multiple European Bitcoin gambling sites and try them out for yourself. There’s nothing to say you can’t have dozens of accounts if you wish, so don’t feel any pressure to pick just one.

Whatever you decide, we hope you win big. If you do bring down the house and win a Bitcoin fortune, remember us and come back to let us know!