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Australian Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Australia BitcoinAustralian Bitcoin gambling sites have been enjoying a surge in popularity as of late, ever since regulations made it harder for Australian gamblers to have a bet, play casino games, and join poker tournaments online.

Aussies are slowly realizing the benefits of gambling with Bitcoin on the web, and we’re going to outline them for you here. We’ll also recommend some cracking Australian Bitcoin gambling sites so that you can take your pick from those once you’re ready.

While the above sites are the best on the web, we don’t expect you to set your critical thinking skills aside and simply believe us on that. We’re going to explain exactly why we picked these sites over the hundreds of Australian Bitcoin gambling sites we could have picked.

Why These Bitcoin Gambling Sites?

We don’t just pick Bitcoin gambling sites willy-nilly and risk our reputation by recommending them to you. The truth is, this space is full of sharks ready to rip your Bitcoins out of your hand, and they would take the hand with them, too, if they could get away with it.

Thankfully, our team has decades of experience between us in reviewing online gambling sites, and we know how to spot and avoid those rogue sites. To make sure none of them slip through our net, we set the following assessment parameters as “essential.” All of the sites recommended above share the following in common.

They Are Trustworthy

How do we know an Australian Bitcoin gambling site is trustworthy? We look at a few things and piece it together. We check the gambling licenses they have (or don’t have), we do some detective work on the operator running the casino and ascertain its history, and we check which software companies are powering the games and site as a whole.

We also make sure there are no nasty surprises hidden within the wall of legal jargon known as the terms and conditions. We know where to look to find these predatory terms (if they exist), and we can zero in on them quickly. Needless to say, if we do find anything unfair, we strike those Australian Bitcoin gambling sites off our list.

They Offer World-Class Services

Whether you’re after Bitcoin casino games, sports betting, poker tournaments, or a combination of those, the services offered have to be world-class to make our cut.

The truth is, the web is jam-packed with “average” gambling sites. Why would you want to settle for average, though? With a little digging and some time spent researching, you can play at the best Australian Bitcoin gambling sites.

Trust us when we tell you that the difference between the “average” sites and the “best” sites is quite a bit!

We play the games, place bets, and play in the poker rooms and assess them against hundreds of other sites we’ve reviewed previously. Only the best make the final list.

They Pay Quickly and Fairly

If you’re new to gambling online, getting your winnings isn’t something you probably think about up front. Yet, it’s one of the most important elements of all Australian Bitcoin gambling sites. You’ll realize just how important it is if you ever come across a site that makes it difficult to get what’s rightfully yours.

We look for sites which pay the same day you request your winnings and which don’t create endless hoops for you to jump through before you can withdraw.

Bitcoin is a lightning-fast global payment system, so there’s no reason why you can’t have your money the same day you request it, whether the gambling site is located in Australia, London, or Timbuktu!

Types of Aussie Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Gambling sites is a broad term. Yet, it’s important to get clear about exactly what you want from an Australian Bitcoin gambling site in order to be able to pick the right site. Here’s a quick sketch of the different types of Aussie Bitcoin gambling sites.

Australian Bitcoin Casinos – These sites offer video slots, table and card games like blackjack and roulette, and possibly live dealer games, too. Some of them offer free spins and Bitcoin deposit bonuses to get you started.

Australian Bitcoin Sportsbooks – These sites allow you to bet on AFL, cricket, rugby, soccer, and all the other sports you enjoy. Most of them will also allow you to place in-play or live bets and will offer free bets to get you started.

Australian Bitcoin Poker Sites – These sites enable you to play in Texas hold’em tournaments against other players from all over the planet. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brizzy, Perth, or somewhere else in Australia, there’s no limit. Lots of these sites offer entry into freeroll Bitcoin poker tournaments.

Of course, there are sites which offer either a mixture of or all three of these services. We suggest you spend some time reading our expert-written reviews (you’ll find them in the table above) to find out exactly what services each site offers.

The Benefits of Gambling with Bitcoin

Even though the price is a rollercoaster ride, the world has gone Bitcoin-crazy in the last few years. There seems to be no stopping the best-known cryptocurrency, and Australian Bitcoin gambling sites are one by-product of it.

Bitcoin is shaking up every industry on the planet, and if history is anything to go by, the fact that it’s so widespread in the gambling world means the rest will follow soon enough.

But why are so many Aussie gamblers so keen on using Bitcoin? For the following reasons.

It’s Private

It’s nobody’s business but your own what you spend your own hard-earned dollars on. Sadly, we live in a world where big data firms and governments increasingly feel the need to watch our every move, recording what we do with our cash and what we’re into.

Lots of players feel this invasion of privacy has gone too far, not to mention the fact that many governments (Australian included) have clamped down on the ability to gamble online in recent years.

Bitcoin isn’t 100% anonymous, as many criminals have found out to their detriment over the years, but it does remove your gambling activity from your bank and credit card statements and allow you to reclaim some degree of privacy in this ever-more-intrusive world.

It’s Inexpensive

Get 100 online gamblers together and ask them what their pet peeves are, and we bet the majority of them will say that fees tick them off big time.

While some gambling sites only charge a few bucks here and there, others charge ridiculous fees of as much as 2%-3%, and some banks and credit cards charge the same, leaving lucky gamblers out of pocket after a big win.

Bitcoin fees have fallen dramatically over the last while, and you can now move thousands of dollars worth of it around for next to nothing. It will cost a few cents (under normal circumstances) in miner’s fees to move thousands of dollars of Bitcoin from the casino to your own wallet.

That’s not totally free, but it’s definitely a vast improvement on what banks, web wallets like PayPal, and credit card companies charge.

It’s Fast

Remember the example above where we asked gamblers what their pet peeves were? Other than fees, we’re willing to wager that withdrawal times come close to the top of the list of most Australian gamblers’ aggravations.

Even at the best gambling sites, which clear transactions within an hour after they’re requested, it can take 3-5 business days to get what you’ve won thanks to bank transfer times.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin run rings around these dinosaur payment methods as far as speed is concerned. Even when the Bitcoin blockchain is busy, and there are lots of transactions, it won’t take more than a few hours to get your jackpots.

Once you get your money, you can then spend it at Bitcoin-friendly stores, or you can cash out for AUD and enjoy it in the real world.

It’s Secure

You’ve probably heard 1,000 stories about Bitcoin hacks and heists, and we don’t blame the media for printing these – they make for sensational stories.

But as with most things the papers print, the heists are only half the story. The truth is, the network Bitcoin operates on (the blockchain) is never actually hacked; it’s the exchanges people keep their money on. If you don’t know already, exchanges are like cryptocurrency banks and can be accessed by hackers now and again.

The truth is, if you keep your Bitcoins on a private wallet (an app which can be downloaded) and keep your password private, it’s close to impossible to steal Bitcoins. It’s one of the most secure payment systems ever invented, and as more people use Bitcoin, more people are coming to realize that.

One of the chief things which spook online gamblers is the need to share credit or debit card details with gambling sites. Australian Bitcoin gambling sites take that risk out of the equation since you’ll never have to share your financial details at any stage. All would-be hackers will see is your Bitcoin wallet address, and they can’t do anything with that.

Wins Can Multiply

Have you ever looked at an all-time Bitcoin historical chart? It’s a steady upward curve, despite several crashes. Every time the price has gone down, it has recovered and surpassed its previous all-time highs by a healthy margin.

Bitcoin price movements are legendary, and people have made a fortune just from buying a few Bitcoins and holding them for a few years. Imagine if you won a few Bitcoins now, held onto them for a few years, and realized gains of hundreds of percent over a few years.

We’re not saying that will happen with 100% certainty, but it could. As a gambler, what more do you want than the possibility of getting a lot more money than you put in?

A 10 BTC jackpot today could be worth a heck of a lot more in a few years. Then again, it could be worth much less. Such is the nature of risk!

How to Pick the Right BTC Gambling Site

So, now you understand how we pick Australian Bitcoin gambling sites, and you know why gambling with Bitcoin is a wise idea. It’s time to learn how to pick the best site for you, which might not be the best site for me since we’re all unique individuals.

Think about the following either before or when reading our reviews.

What Do You Want from an Aussie Bitcoin Gambling Site?

Are you mainly looking for Bitcoin pokies? How about betting on AFL matches or UFC brawls? Are you the type who likes to stay up into the wee hours and play Texas Hold’em against fellow poker enthusiasts?

Get clear about exactly what you want and what you’re willing to sacrifice if necessary. There are a few Australian Bitcoin gambling sites which offer everything, but you might find a site you really like in other ways (such as super-fast payouts) which doesn’t offer sports betting, for example.

Decide what’s most important and what you can live without.

What Are the Site’s Strengths and Weaknesses?

We have never come across a perfect Australian Bitcoin gambling site in all of our years of reviewing them. There’s always a trade-off, and some sites are really strong in one area while weaker in others. There are also good “all-rounder” sites which offer a solid standard across everything.

As you read the reviews, pay attention to the pros and cons section for a quick list of what we think are the site’s strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind that this is our take, but you might find other positives and negatives according to your own criteria.

Sign Up and Try the Site for Yourself

As the old saying goes, nothing beats experience! That’s true, and you can read all the reviews you want, but in the end, the only way to decide is to visit the Australian Bitcoin gambling sites you’re interested in, register, and try them out.

This is where free spins, free bets, and freeroll tournaments come in handy. Take full advantage of these opportunities to try the Australian Bitcoin gambling sites without any risk. That’s the best way to find out if they’re for you.

Don’t be timid, either – sign up at multiple sites if you like. Nobody has yet made a rule saying you can only have one account at one site. It’s a free market, and you can sign up at as many as you like!