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Argentina is a South American country that takes up the majority of the continent’s Southern Cone, situated just west of Chile. The Spanish-speaking nation is home to over 48 million citizens, a population that’s expected to spend roughly $17.4 billion (in US dollars) on gambling in 2018. The country is arguably the most betting friendly in the entire region.

However, as always, the presence of online gaming operators becomes a tricky topic. In this article, we’ll present a clearer picture of online gambling in Argentina, including its current legal status, how gaming is regulated, and a history of betting in the country.

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Gambling has existed in Argentina for much of the country’s history. There are presently over 70 brick-and-mortar casinos in operation within the nation’s borders, and these casinos are the source of much tourism. With each province given complete autonomy over their gaming laws, the country seems to have the legalities of land-based betting all worked out.

It’s the online wagers that complicate matters. Many of Argentina’s provinces are currently undergoing the process of regulating and licensing the industry within their jurisdictions while dealing with issues such as operators availing their services to residents in neighboring provinces.
We’ll get into the specifics later, but first, let’s look at the above recommendations.

Why are these Sites Recommended?

Our mission at is to introduce our readers to the best online gambling sites. Now, depending on where a person is located in the world, the kinds of activities they’re interested in, and which features in a betting website they most prioritize, the recommendations may differ.

Nevertheless, there are some core standards that must be present in all of the gambling sites that we share with the public. The best betting websites in Argentina (and everywhere else) are all vetted extensively by our team of experts and found to possess the following qualities.

Safety and Legitimacy

Online betting is an extremely popular pastime that’s expected to generate over 17.5 billion dollars in Argentina in 2018 alone. Such vast sums of money changing hands over the internet naturally attract scammers and unethical site operators who are desperate to get a piece of all those profits through deception and unfair practices. was created as an answer to these rogue elements in the industry. After encountering numerous shady betting sites, a group of gambling experts came together to help make other potential participants’ lives easier. That’s why our number-one priority is to find safe, reliable, well-run gaming options to pass along to our readers, lest they become a victim of fraud.

Any online gambling site in Argentina that finds itself on our list of recommendations can be trusted to provide a fair and honest gaming experience. They’ve all undergone an extensive vetting process by our team of experts and proven not to engage in any underhanded business practices, so you can relax and just enjoy gambling.

Variety of Games and Wagers

We also take into account the range of betting options our potential recommendations offer on their sites. Let’s be real; attention spans are almost a thing of the past at this point. Between television, smartphones, and social media, our focus is continually shifting from one topic or task to another.

To be one of Argentina’s best gambling sites, an operator will need to keep readers excited and entertained by offering tons of variety. The vaster the pool of slot machines, video poker themes, and styles of the many casino table games, the more engaged and satisfied patrons will stay.

This requirement pertains to online sportsbooks as well. We want to pass along websites with a wide range of sporting events and leagues to wager on. Then, within those various options, you should have tons of control and choice with regards to the specific bets available on any given game.

The last thing we want is for you to lose interest in a site that we recommended. Our team has learned that online gambling sites with the largest libraries of games and wager types tend to generate the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Thus, variety is a vital element in our rankings.

Winner Friendly & Fast Payout

Naturally, online betting sites love it when new customers sign up and burn through their bankroll. That’s fine; we all know the house has an advantage. There’s a reason places like Las Vegas, Macau, and even Argentina have so many beautiful hotels and casinos.

However, some internet-based gambling operators don’t handle things so well when a customer actually wins. Some popular sportsbooks and casinos out there have reputations for not being friendly to winners. These sites have been known to withhold payouts or cancel a bet that’s already won. When asked about these actions, they’ll baselessly accuse customers of being a professional gambler or use any other reason to keep the cash.

Our experts watch for these sorts of behaviors when analyzing a website’s past and going through our vetting process. Any gambling site recommended here will celebrate your wins just as enthusiastically as they certainly do your losses!

Becoming a successful gambler can be challenging enough without it being a strictly one-way relationship with the “house.” If you’re not given a fair shot to win as well, a betting site doesn’t deserve your time or money!

Bonuses and Loyalty Rewards Programs

You’ve probably noticed our Argentina gambling sites offering all sorts of bonuses and loyalty rewards to potential new customers. You’ll see websites gifting new users things like free plays in exchange for signing up. These free “spins” give interested players the chance to test some of the games before depositing actual cash.

The most popular form of bonus is awarded to customers after funding their account for the first time. In most cases, betting sites will offer to match a percentage of the total amount transferred. These bonuses are worth quite a bit of free money, with gaming operators frequently doubling your bankroll by matching 100% of your initial deposit.

Loyalty rewards are another way to score free perks. These rewards programs are meant to show appreciation to long-time and/or frequent patrons. Think of them as a “thank you” for your loyalty. The types of perks you’ll receive depend on the amounts of money you typically wager and how often you do so. The gifts are frequently things like cash back for a portion of your losses, gift cards, and website-branded merchandise.

The rewards are proportionate to the value you bring to the casino or sportsbook. For the high rollers, extravagant prizes such as exotic vacations and vehicles are not out of the question. These “whales” are pampered, wined, and dined to keep them as happy and satisfied as possible.

Is Gambling Legal in Argentina?

The short answer to this question is yes, but as is always the case when online gambling is involved, there’s a bit more to it. Argentina is the gaming leader in South America, and tourists can already find at least 70 land-based casinos scattered throughout the country, in many different provinces. There’s also sports betting, racetracks, and a national lottery.

As for gambling online, the legality depends on the province. Regions like Buenos Aires, Misiones, and Entre Rios are regulating the industry and licensing specific operations, allowing them to offer gaming in their region legally. Many of these provinces are making deals to allow licensed websites to provide their services within each other’s borders.

Keep in mind, all of these laws apply only to corporate gambling site operators. As an individual, you can access any betting site you please and enjoy it without fear. Just be sure to use our list of recommendations, as you don’t want to take chances with unregulated, unlicensed websites that haven’t been thoroughly vetted.

How Does Argentina Regulate Gambling?

Despite the generally relaxed stance towards gambling, online betting in Argentina has become a hot topic, especially for the various provincial governments. You see, the country is divided into twenty-three autonomous provinces and Buenos Aires, which is a self-contained city of its own and is the federal capital, similar to Washington DC.

Each of these provinces has the freedom to legislate as they see fit. They organize their own government, have their own constitutions, manage their own natural resources, and license and regulate gambling activities as their population sees fit. The federal government only does the tasks delegated to it by the provinces and ensures that each region remains a representative government.

When it comes to online gambling, its legal status wholly depends on the province. In recent years, an increasing number of states have been looking to regulate gaming. There have been numerous legal proceedings over serving clients over provincial borders, preventing access to some offshore sites, and raising revenue through licensing and taxing betting.

While all of these inconsistencies may seem overwhelming at first, it’s important to remember that large operators are the target of these reforms, not the individual bettor. For the most part, the average citizen has the option to access either a state-licensed gambling site operated legally from within the province or an offshore betting site. While the website is breaking the law by providing their services to you, unless they enter Argentina, these businesses are essentially out of reach.

Argentina’s History with Gambling

The nation’s first racetrack, the world famous Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo, is built.

Jan 17th,1882
Modern sports gambling is popularized when the Jockey Club Buenos Aires organizes an extraordinarily popular horse racing event for the citizens of the country, which included betting on the horses.

Betting on the horses becomes a national pastime, and the first Argentina National Derby is held at the country’s oldest track in Palermo.

The nation’s first totalizator system is installed along with nearly 600 connected electronic cash betting machines, which allows Argentinians to place off-track bets from select locations, like lottery shops. These significantly extended the ability for people to gamble, as they no longer needed to go to the actual track.

Jan 17th,1990
Argentina’s gambling industry begins to take shape in this decade. Provincial governments begin licensing brick-and-mortar betting shops and casinos. Meanwhile, many of the regional organizations responsible for overseeing provincial lotteries start accepting bets on a broader range of sporting events and races.

Santa Fe is the last province to allow land-based gaming into their jurisdiction. Betting is legalized in December, and the region now has three casinos.

Jan 17th,2002
The first online gambling license is awarded, with the nation’s charter web-based casino coming shortly after that. The online betting industry is officially created in Argentina.

Four years after the launch of Argentina’s first government-owned internet casino, the country licenses their first online sportsbook, named Formoapuesta. In its first month, the book pulls in around USD 100,000 in wagers.

Jan 17th,2008
In an effort to keep their tax money in the country, Argentinian lawmakers pass a law barring international online gaming corporations from applying for a license if they’ve already been allowing Argentinians to sign up and use their services. They also prohibit these unlicensed businesses from accepting their citizens but find the law unenforceable.

Latin American Poker Tour
Argentina hosts the Latin American Poker Tour for the first time.

Jan 17th,2016
The country begins to see the merits of accepting online wagers. They launch services to assist residents with problem gambling issues. The industry also becomes vital to Argentina’s bottom line, as the government-owned web-based gaming operations pay taxes to the tune of 25% of their total revenue.

Jan 17th,2018
Buenos Aires looks to license seven new online operators, who will be required to host their domain in the country. The online gaming is to be taxed at 15%, while casino and bingo earnings are taxed at 2%. The province also works to block any online betting sites that don’t have a license to accept bets from Argentinians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is gambling legal in Argentina?

That depends on the province, but generally, the answer is “yes.” You can find land-based casinos, bingo halls, and lottery shops throughout the country, as well as sportsbooks and racetrack betting. Online gambling is a bit more complicated. Some provinces have legalized internet gaming with state-owned licensed and regulated operations. Others have yet to legalize the industry, but individual bettors may access out-of-country locations without fear still.

What happens if I’m caught using a betting site in an Argentinian province without legalized online gambling?

Nothing. Any punishments that have been levied in Argentina regarding online gaming have targeted gambling website operators. Individuals may access betting sites hosted outside of the country; they just need to be more careful, as they won’t have the same government protections against rogue site operators.

What are the risks involved with using a gambling website outside of Argentina’s provincial jurisdictions?

Using gambling sites outside of one’s local gaming jurisdiction always carries some risk. Websites run from other regions cannot be prosecuted or punished by Argentina’s regulatory bodies, so bettors must be extremely discerning. That’s where’s list of recommendations is a huge help. The sites we recommend might not be located within Argentina’s borders, but they operate with the legitimacy and ethics of a licensed casino or sportsbook.

Does Argentina tax winnings from gambling?

No, Argentina does not currently tax winnings from gambling activities. The gaming operators and casino owners are taxed on their earnings. However, with 23 autonomous provinces, this could always change in specific regions.

Who licenses the regulated and legal online betting sites in Argentina?

The licensing and regulatory bodies responsible for overseeing Argentinian betting sites are unique to each province. For example, in Buenos Aires, the “Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casino for the Province of Buenos Aires” is one of twenty-four regulatory authorities overseeing games of chance in the nation’s largest province.

Can I access one province’s legal online gambling site from another?

That will be determined by the provinces involved and the individual status of online gaming in each region. Some provinces with legalized online betting have deals with each other to serve customers across provincial borders.
Others require their neighboring states to block local residents from accessing gambling sites from places where wagering online is still illegal. However, you’ll almost always have an easy time accessing offshore websites operating in foreign jurisdictions.