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5Dimes’ website looks like it was made around 10 years ago (because it was) and the sportsbook hardly provides the fastest customer service in the market, but they consistently give their customers the best US betting lines and have been operating reliably from before we turned into the 21st century.

In addition to great betting lines (relatively-speaking, of course; they’re still a business looking to make money), I feel comfortable recommending because of their reliability.

As mentioned, their customer support is sometimes slow to respond but they’ve been processing money transactions fast and without unresolved complaints for over 15 years now – that kind of a track record is not just impressive but makes you feel as safe as can be about depositing money to the site.

Payout OptionLimitsFeesSpeed
Cashier’s Check$1,000-$7,500$40-$8010-14 Days
Bitcoin$50-$10,000Free48-72 Hours
Money Order$100-$9,000$805-7 Days
Person-to-Person$10-$350$10-$2524-48 Hours
Bank Wire$1,000-$9,500$80N/A
Credit/Debit CardN/AN/AN/A

5Dimes accepts customers from the USA. If you only bet on sports, 5Dimes is the best US-friendly option since it consistently provides the best odds and even has ”reduced juice” bets for those who choose to have less juice (”house edge”) in certain games rather than take the deposit bonus (you can only choose one, however, reduced juice is the default way to go).

5Dimes is the only US-friendly site with reduced juice bets.

In any case, those looking to maximize their win rate from sports betting should make it a priority to sign-up at 5Dimes even if they already have accounts at other sites (it never hurts to have an account ready at a site often providing the best odds).

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Online Sportsbook

5Dimes gives you more propositions for each game than any other US gambling site (to my knowledge). You may find more than a 100 propositions for an NFL game and when you combine the amount of propositions the huge amount of markets that 5Dimes participates in (especially within the US but outside of it as well), you have lots of possible bets to make (again, while getting great odds relative to competition).

The maximum bet size for all major US sports is $5000 with the exception of reduced juice bets which have a maximum bet limit of $500 (the lower limit is understandable for reduced juice bets since the sportsbook is taking a bigger risk by offering bets with a smaller ”house edge”).

Proposition-type of bets as well as the kind made to entertain customers may have maximum betting limits as low as 50 dollars. 5Dimes is also known for having the smallest minimum betting limits in the US at $0.50 (Bovada Sportsbook is another one with a low minimum betting limit at $1).

A cool feature that helps 5Dimes stand-out among other US gambling sites is the availability of live in-play wagering on popular sports in America such as football, baseball and basketball in addition to in-play wagering on popular sports outside of the US such as soccer and tennis.

Online Casino

5Dimes is best-known for its sportsbook but its online casino deserves praise as well due to its low house edge percentages relative to the industry. In fact, 5Dimes has a beatable variation of video poker (beatable only if you play with perfect strategy) as its return is 100.2%. Considering the tiny house edge percentage and the maximum bet size of x dollars, you won’t get rich with the game but it’s much better than losing money.

Actually, 5Dimes has three casinos, all with different games and different promotions. It’s a little confusing, yes, but then again you have some variety. Here’s a brief introduction to each of the casinos they have to offer:

Grand Casino

Grand Casino has a sufficient variety of casino games – for example, seven variations of blackjack (21, Shut ‘Em Up, Perfect Pairs, European, Face Up, Match Play, Pontoon and Super 21), over 90 unique slot machine games, 14 variations of video poker, and more.

The mobile version of Grand Casino offers 23 casino games (one keno game, one roulette game, two blackjack games and the rest of them are slots).

Bonus Casino

Bonus Casino claims to have the highest payouts (or at least “higher than most online casinos”), and for certain games they do. The standard payout in roulette is 1.00 times the bet size; the bonus casino, on the other hand, offers a 1.09x payout, and on Wednesdays from 2:00PM till 8:00PM, a 1.11x payout. If you’re going to play roulette online, this is the game to play.

MatchPlay Casino

The third 5Dimes casino is called “MatchPlay”. It fails to make a good case for its existence (since they already have two casinos) – MatchPlay Casino has less games than Grand Casino and worse payouts than Bonus Casino. Still, it exists and is as playable as the other two casinos.

Online Poker

The demise of 5Dimes’ online poker room makes me want to demote them to the third place in my US gambling site rankings. However, they have such a strong track record of reliability within the online gambling industry and they’re a big player within the sports betting industry that placing them on the second place is still justifiable.

But it’s in no way thanks to their poker room – or, actually, two of their poker rooms (yes, they have two). They have poker rooms called Shark Tank and Grand Poker, out of which Grand Poker was previously 5Dimes Poker and part of the Equity Poker Network. Ever since November 2014, however, 5Dimes parted with Equity and created its own poker network called Grand Poker. It’s having serious issues with player traffic ( reports an average of 12 players online during the past 7 days).

US players prefer 5Dimes because of its speedy cashouts and reliability; however, it’s important to find opponents to play against, and 5Dimes are unable to provide many of those right now. If you’re only looking to play poker, I would rather recommend Bovada (highest traffic by far) or America’s Cardroom (second-highest traffic).

Money Transactions

Players have reported successful deposits with VISA debit and pre-paid cards (it matters which VISA card you’re using, by the way; for example, Netspend pre-paid cards have been recommended by many while Vanilla Visa seems to fail more often than not). Credit card deposits are a hit or a miss.

Moneygram cashouts are still allowed while Western Union cashouts have been discontinued. You’re allowed to make one free Moneygram withdrawal per month and it has to be done on Mondays between 8AM and 11AM EST – otherwise the only US-friendly cashout option is a check which takes around 2 weeks for customers to receive right now (a decent processing time although not on Bovada’s level).

Bitcoin is a recent addition to 5Dimes’ US-friendly banking methods. I don’t know anyone who has bitcoin and actually spends the currency (however, I know a few who look at it as an investment of some sort and seem determined to hold on to the currency forever) but this addition should be convenient for those who do.

You also need to verify your account by providing 5Dimes with a picture of your driver’s license or recent utility bill or both.

Customer Service

For such an experienced and well-known gambling operation, I find it surprising how 5Dimes’ customer support is sometimes slow and often unfriendly. You rarely get basic greetings (“Hello”, “How Can I Help You”, “You’re Welcome”) and if you try to contact them via e-mail, you may have to wait for a couple of days.

The best way to contact is live chat. They have a long history of not leaving issues unresolved even if you may not get the friendliest reply.


Whenever you have a site that’s been popular and reliable for well over a decade, you can do a lot worse. In fact, I rank this site as the second best option in the US right behind Bovada. For sports bettors, I recommend before any other site since it consistently provides great betting lines and has a wide variety of games and bets.

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Rating: 4 out of 5


Koopa commented: 9 Apr 2017
Do NOT use 5dimes. I guarantee you that your credit card will be subject to fraud. They will sell you credit card information. I will never use them again. This happen to me on 2 different occasion and also happen to 3 of my buddies. You have been warned.
cliff . s... commented: 24 Feb 2017
There is NOT another sportsbook that is more professional and more reliable then 5dimes. Not even CLOSE
Hugh G. Rection commented: 6 Jan 2017
5Dimes sells your personal information to fraud agencies and has SERIOUS security issues. Don't give them a penny.

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